The Dialogue with Shinran on the Salvation of All

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“Even a good person will be born in the Pure Land; how much more so an evil person!”

Can you believe these are the words of a great Buddhist master? In fact they are. His name is Shinran, and he points the way to true happiness for all people. In the book, Tannisho, a classic Buddhist text, you will find many more unforgettable expressions, clarifying the heart of Pure Land Buddhism.


Unlocking Tannisho


PREFACE As I privately cast my foolish mind over the time when Master Shinran was alive and compare it with the present day, I cannot help lamenting that there are deviations from what the master taught us directly about true faith. I am concerned the doubts and confusion will arise in the studies and transmission of his teachings. How is … CONTINUE

Salvation According to Tannisho


WHO can be saved?

“Even a good person can be born in the Pure Land; how much more so an evil person!” These are the most famous words found in Tannisho.  It is also said, "the evil person is the true object of salvation." But how can that be? How can an evil person stand a better chance of being saved than a good person? Surely, there’s a misprint here, … Read More


HOW can one be saved?

What should we do to attain salvation in the Pure Land Buddhism? Should one shave their head, wear modest clothes, become a vegetarian, and mediate? Not all of us can abandon our everyday obligations to work, school, and family just to engage in ascetic practices.  So how can we be saved?  The answer from Shinran, the man who preached that … Read More


WHAT is the world of salvation?

Shinran answers this universal question thus. He of the nembutsu is on the path of no hindrance. Why is this so? Before the one who has true faith, gods of heaven and earth bow down in reverence, and evil spirits and false teachings can pose no obstacle. Such a one is unaffected by any recompense for evil, and beyond the reach of every possible … Read More